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Ureki is situated on the shore of the Black Sea. Winter is very warm, almost without snow. Light coastal climate creates natural-medical conditions. Beachfront sand contains much magnetite (magnetic iron that is main treating factor. Ureki resort is one of the famous sanitary places, which had a huge popularity in the Soviet time for treating diseases of musculoskeletal system and bone diseases. Ureki was irreplaceable for treating children’s diseases. The resort beneficially influences on the patients with diseases of nervous system, respiratory organs, livers, gastrointestinal tracts and derangement of metabolism. The resort functions the round year.

Hotel “Albatross” for elite guests is located in Ureki, in 30 meters from sea.
In the hotel – 28 rooms (both suites and half-suites), provided with modern conditioners and TV-sets with refined furniture. There are messenger gears with administration and serving personnel.
Price includes Swiss table.
Guests, having returned from sea-shore can rest in bungalow. Visit our swimming-pool in the yard of the hotel. Enjoy unique beauty of the fountain and live music.

In the hotel:
3 suites,
1 apartment
14 half-suites
10 rooms with common bathrooms and lavatories.
In the rooms:
TV-set (satellite channels) and conditioner.

2 meals a day: Morning – afternoon.
Restaurant works in the evenings.
Own beach.

Address: Georgia, Ureki, Magnetite
T:+/995 32/ 94 03 57
Mob: +/995 99/ 50 30 46
+/995 93/ 14 19 86

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